The weirdly cute heroes of The Battle Cats finally arrive on Nintendo Switch!This time, you can enjoy all the exciting battles and easy-to-learn gameplay with your friends!Recruit over 350 different Cats and conquer every stage!

Share five units between a friend and battle oncoming enemies.

Combine forces to fire the Boosted Cat Cannon!

With good timing, charge up the Cat Cannon to 200% power and turn the tide of battle in your favor!

Contains no in-game purchases! Progress in the game to access the Capsule machine and power up and evolve the Cats that you earn.

Play stages based off of the real world, the future, and even some set in space! Also go on a journey searching for the legendary Cat in Legend Stories! Can you clear every stage?!

Progress in the game and play one of four minigames. Which one it will be is left to chance! Earn prizes based on your score. Try them in between battles with a friend to maximize the fun!

Upgrade Cats to battle with friends!

Achieve victory with clever use of Cat Traits and Abilities.

*Clear the Cambodia stage to unlock this feature.

Use the Trait Cannon to give your enemies specific traits, then field their weakness to turn the tide of battle!

Aim the Trait Cannon with the R Button!

Once you've decided where you want to fire press the R Button again!

Press the X Button to change the trait of your Cat Cannon.

The Power Gauge is reduced by defeating units or attacking the Cat Base of the opposing army. Use the Traited Cannon well to claim victory over your friends!

  • Title: The Battle Cats Unite!
  • Genre: Action, Simulation, Strategy
  • Console: Nintendo Switch
  • Price: $19.99
  • Version: Digital Download