Go! Go! Pogo Cat

●About "Go! Go! Pogo Cat"
5 years after "The Battle Cats" release, a new casual Cat game is here!
Now it's "Battle Cats" bit player Pogo Cat's time to shine!
Hop and jump your way through a treacherous canyon in search of a high score!

● How to Play
Tap the screen to have Pogo Cat jump higher as he moves left!
Tap again for a second air-jump if you need a bit more height to avoid danger!
If you hit a wall or fall into a pit, your records so far will be displayed.
By watching a short video ad, you can continue where you left off.
Your previous combo can be continued, and the game speed will reset to the starting level.

● About Game Items
Floating gems that appear mid-game. One is worth 100 points.
Appears more often for Cats with a high Gem Chance!
Use them to upgrade your Cats to higher levels!
Collecting one Fruit earns you 500 points!
Better Fruit appears more often for Cats with a high Fruit Chance!
Cat Pixie
Rescue Pixies to earn their help! One is worth 300 points.
With a Pixie alongside you, perform an additional air jump (but just once)!
Be careful about where jump #3 might take you...
The better your effort, the more Coins you get!
Spend 150 Coins for one draw at the Coin Capsules.

● Collab Missions with The Battle Cats
A new mission will often be displayed at the title screen. Clear the mission objectives to earn the listed reward!
Alongside the standard missions, 5 collaboration missions will appear with additional rewards to pick up in The Battle Cats!
Tapping the claim reward button will launch The Battle Cats app installed on your device. Enter the Cat Base to collect your reward!
※ If The Battle Cats is not installed, you will be directed to the app store page.
※ If you are unable to claim the reward the first time it is displayed, you can visit the mission log and tap the mission to attempt to claim it again.
※ Even if the reward has already been claimed, The Battle Cats will launch when the Claim Reward button is pressed. You cannot claim the same reward multiple times.

Collab Mission Rewards are listed below.
Rewards Mission
30 Cat Food
Collab Mission ①
Complete 7 combos in a single play (two times) to collect this reward!
3 Cat Jobs
Collab Mission ②
Earn 15 Coins in a single play (two times) to collect this reward!
3 Rich Cat
Collab Mission ③
Travel 20 meters in single play (two times) to collect this reward!
3 Treasure Radar
Collab Mission ④
Score 130000 pts in single play (two times) to collect this reward!
3 Rare Tickets Collab Mission ⑤
Travel 30 meters in single play (two times) to collect this reward!
※ Collab missions will appear at random alongside standard missions.

● Download Here!
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